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Tonga Man &  Wife
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Tonga Man & Wife

By Farai Mangenda
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Material: Butter Jade
Dimensions: Man H14in xW7in xD8in 29lbs Wife H14inxW9inxD8in 27lbs

Wisdom exudes from the wonderfully executed face. The face is alive. How does he do that? The hat is made of pieces of leather strung together by leather thongs that are favored by Tonga men. The Tonga are a sub-group of the Shona people whose ancestral home was that Zambesi Valley . . . until it was flooded by the building of the Kariba Dam in 1960. 

His wife is a classic Shona beauty . . . assured, elegant, with a wonderfully complicated hairstyle and articulating earrings. Careful observation will recognize that the two heads have been sculpted from adjacent stones from the Butter Jade quarry at Birchinough Bridge in Manicaland on the Mozambique border. This provides a visual compatibility between the two heads.

Tonga Man & Wife
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