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By Farai Mangenda
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Material: Butter Jade
Dimensions: Daughter H13"xW8"xD7"25LBS N'Anga H13"xW8"xD6"26LBS

N'ANGA & DAUGHTER The only way to successfully carve a pair of busts in Butter Jade is to vary carefully choose the stone that they are to be created in. Because of the great variety of textures, colors, striations and tones inherent in Butter Jade, pairs need to be carved, ideally, from a single piece of stone.  Sometimes adjacent stones will work; but the repositioning of the faces is critical. Sculpture in stone is all forms of art in reverse, only achieved by subtraction, so, with Butter Jade, the impregnation of dark unakite can unexpectedly emerge under the surface, radically changing the appearance . . .  it's a journey of discovery . . . and sometimes great frustration. 

This delightful pair shows Farai at his best; capturing the aristocratic aloofness of a traditional healer and his daughter.

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