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By Edmore Sango
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Material: Cobalt Stone
Dimensions: H22in xW10in xD5in 47lbs

Edmore’s late elder brother, Brighton Sango, was one of the most famous first-generation sculptors. He was the first to create totally non-representational abstract works that enjoyed significant popularity and success.

The tradition continues with Edmore. He fully understands and applies the fundamental attribute of a good piece of sculpture, and that is to ensure that the composition works from all vantage points, 360 degrees of visual excitement, continuity and flow. There’s barely ever a boring angle. Three-dimensional art fills a volume, demands to be seen, an object of contemplation.

This work, Circle Totem, is in a beautiful piece of red variegated cobalt stone. The surface glows with the colors of deep blow-red sunsets and plumb juice. Spirals follow their satisfying rhythm and shape.

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