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By Peter Chikumbirike
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Material: Cobalt Stone
Dimensions: H32in x W17in x D16in 169lbs

Peter Chikumbirike, is one of the best sculptors in Zimbabwe if not in all of southern Africa.

“Presenting My Child” epitomizes Peter’s ability to combine the three fundamentals of sculpture in stone and get them convincingly in balance and correct, namely, proportion, anatomy and behavior. You believe in the weight of the child, the strength of the mother’s arms and the thrust of her left hip to counterbalance the baby. Her face expresses both delight and wonder at the special moment when the community embraces the child into its care.

The exquisitely carved details such as the Mother’s complex hair style, the folds of the blanket wrapping the child and undulations of her skirt give the work additional visual areas to focus on and enjoy. The piece if one of our favorites in the whole gallery.

The Mother presents her firstborn to the world with pride, awe, and intensity. Peter's skill, knowledge and track record truly makes him master of his craft. 

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