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By Peter Chikumbirike
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Material: Cobalt Stone
Dimensions: H33"xW26"xD20" approx 350lbs

Mhande dance is mostly popular among the Karanga people of Zimbabwe. The dance uses indigenous ritual context or spirituality (known as chikaranga). It is characterized by distinct rhythms and melodies, slow and dignified foot movements and the use of handheld objects and substances such as snuff and ceremonial beer, which symbolize interaction between the community and the ancestors.

Mhande dance is commonly performed at the popular kurova guva ceremony, which is done by Shona people to welcome the return of a deceased family member’s spirit (known as mudzimu).

This life-size master-work has a powerful impact and movement. Its greatest attribute is its total success as a piece of sculpture in the round . . . every viewpoint is exciting, dynamic and rendered in deeply considered detail. She moves. Her skirt undulates, her accoutrements ripple, her limbs exhude power.

It works from 360 degrees . . . the back is beautifully rendered as the rest of the figure. It’s almost as if she is caught in a momentary pause, the staccato rhythm of the drum is interrupted for an instant, her skirt sways revealingly. Peter has captured a "look at Me" momemt in hard beautiful Cobalt Stone . . . a split second captured for centuries to come.

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