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Unveiling the Masterpieces: Celebrating the Artistry of Famous African Sculptors

At the Criss & Hind African Gallery, we have embarked on an extraordinary journey of artistic discovery, bringing you the masterpieces of renowned African sculptors. Each creation is a testament to the artists' profound understanding of nature, their mastery of stone, and their unwavering dedication to capturing the essence of life itself.

Taurai Maisiri: Capturing the Spirit of the Cape Buffalo
For over two decades, we have been privileged to showcase the works of Taurai Maisiri, an artist whose creations continue to astonish and inspire. This year, Maisiri's genius comes to life in the form of a powerful Cape Buffalo bull, carved meticulously from unyielding Spring Stone. The sculpture emanates an aura of malevolent intensity, embodying the strength and majesty of the iconic "Big Five" Bull. Maisiri's craftsmanship in carving Cape Buffalos is unparalleled, establishing him as the master of this majestic creature.

Tauri's White Rhino: A Triumph of Skill and Insight
From the hands of Tauri also emerges a breathtaking White Rhino sculpture, hewn from the same Spring Stone. Tauri's expertise extends beyond mere technique; he possesses an innate understanding of the anatomy, behavior, and proportions of these magnificent creatures. The White Rhino, twice the size of its Black Rhino counterpart, stands as a testament to Tauri's prowess. Its distinctive barrel-shaped body and broad, flat lip speak of its grazing nature, and Tauri's depiction is a testament to his unparalleled mastery. This creation echoes Tauri's status as the preeminent living Rhino carver in Zimbabwe.

Israel Chikumbirike: An Ode to Motherhood in Cobalt Stone
Israel Chikumbirike's "Mother and Child," sculpted from captivating Cobalt Stone, captivates the essence of the maternal bond. Eight months of painstaking dedication have birthed a sculpture that radiates maternal love and care. The connection between mother and child is palpable, captured in the gaze they exchange. Israel, often referred to as the "African Michelangelo," lends life to stone, infusing it with the emotions and connections that define humanity.

Kennedy Zano: A Contemporary Twist on Ancient Wisdom
Kennedy Zano, our cherished associate for over twenty years, presents a modern interpretation of the traditional three primates. Through subtle Kwekwe Stone, Zano crafts four wise monkeys and two dignified seated Gorillas. The monkeys' whimsical charm adds a playful element to the collection, while the Gorillas radiate the majesty inherent to these awe-inspiring creatures. Zano's tribute to the Mountain Gorilla serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving these majestic beings.

Jaidie Jonasi: Evoking Zebras' Serene Moments
Jaidie Jonasi's intricate Spring Stone composition features seven Zebras seeking refuge under Mopane trees. Each Zebra conveys an undeniable sense of serenity amidst their natural habitat. Jonasi's mastery lies in his ability to balance anatomy, proportion, and behavior, breathing life into his subjects. The result is a mesmerizing collection that showcases his profound connection with the animal kingdom.

Elliot Zunidza: Whales in Stone: A Marine Symphony
Elliot Zunidza's work takes us beneath the waves, where we encounter a stunning array of humpback whales carved meticulously from Kwekwe stone. Zunidza's remarkable achievement lies in the fact that he has never seen a humpback whale in person, relying solely on references from National Geographic. This dedication has resulted in a collection that captures the grace and grandeur of these marine marvels. From mother whales to their awe-inspiring calves, Zunidza's sculptures pay homage to the giants of the sea.

Experience the Artistry at Criss & Hind African Gallery
As you step into our gallery or explore our online platform, you're invited to immerse yourself in the world of these extraordinary sculptures. From the power of the cape buffalo sculptures to the tenderness of motherhood and the tranquil moments of wildlife, each piece tells a unique story that resonates with nature's beauty. At Criss & Hind African Gallery, we celebrate the indomitable spirit of African sculptors, whose hands turn stone into masterpieces that touch the soul.

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