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By Israel Chikumbiriki
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Material: Green Verdite
Dimensions: H28in x W16in x D13in 175lbs

How Israel completed this wonderful Mother and Child is beyond me. Careful inspection of the surfaces and planes shows that the stone is impregnated with corundum, the pink areas, which is a crystalline form of aluminum oxide. It is incredibly hard, much harder that the verdite.

We asked Israel to tell is about his inspiration and thinking with regard to his creation of his sculpture "Natural Gift". The work is a celebration of his recognition that God, Mother Nature or Higher Power (call the Creator what you will) has granted him the ability, for free, to carve stone to this high level of realism and excellence. Not only that . . . birth itself is a free gift to the human race. Here's how Israel explained the title.

"Free Gifts is the title of the sculpture as it is given to me the artist from the stone. Myself as an artist, I give all the glory to God for giving me a gift to communicate with stone, to unveil what's  in it for the world to see. Above all, seeing the beauty of creation from the artistic view shows the greatness of the creator from which we draw our wisdom  or talents from. The stones I work from are millions of years old. How privileged of me to unveil something that has been lying or trapped in that stone for that period of time?

Free Gifts. Children are gifts from God, given freely according to His will and they deserve to be loved unconditionally and given all the care as required by nature.

Free Gifts, a character extracted from the stone in which it has been trapped for a very long time, now a motherly spirit expressing the value of a free gift the child".

A virtuoso performance.

Please contact us to discuss the price and shipping arrangements for this sculpture.

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