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By Israel Chikumbirike
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Material: Cobalt Stone
Dimensions: H26"x W21"x D15" 171 lbs

Completed in 2021, this work shows that Israel is still at the top of his powers to make stone come alive. Not only to live; but also, to create the visual manifestation of a Mother’s love. Emotion exudes from every facet of this masterful composition . . .  The nurturing expression of the Mother looking at the child back at the child and the child looking back with reliance and dependance. You believe in the weight of the child . . .  kilograms dissipate because of the love. Not a burden but a joy.

From every angle, this is a great work of sculpture. It works; an heirloom that will still be around when your great, great, great grandchildren have got gray hair!

Please contact us to discuss the shipping arrangements for this sculpture.

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