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By Madamombe Workshop
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Material: Springstone
Dimensions: H8in x W7in x D7in 12lbs

This sculpture depicts a Mother sending her children to school, the elder daughter with lunch in hand.  The late Colleen Madamombe holds an inspirational role within the Shona stone sculpture movement as she was one of only a handful of women sculptors in Zimbabwe and often considered one of the best. Her subject matter was deeply rooted in the traditional role of Shona women. She became famous for her "Fat Mommas" in rough Springstone.

It is said that the best pieces of sculpture are where the least amount of stone has been removed. Colleen Madamonmbe sculpture epitomizes this edict. Although almost crude in their execution, they exude a charm and whimsical delight. Her two sons continue to create in her style since her death. 

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