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By Jadie Jonasi
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Material: Geruve Cobalt Stone
Dimensions: L38in x W12in x D7in 35lbs

Jaidie has been carving for the Crisson Hind Gallery for over twenty years. Without a doubt, Jaidie is one of the top animal artists in Zimbabwe. He is famous for his Kudus and Kudu groups in Verdite and Leopard families in Leopard Stone. However, one of the most endearing things about this charming man is his curiosity and courage in tackling unexpected subjects. During the past two decades, seemingly arbitrarily, he has carved grizzly bears, crucifixes, a moose and crocodiles. He says he likes a challenge!

He researches every work he does. The crocodile is a perfect example. Unlike the ears of other modern reptiles, those of the crocodile have a movable external membranous flap that protects the ear from the water. Jaidie gets every detail of the ear correct, as well as all the rest of the crocodile anatomy. 

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