Dusty Hind

Dusty Hind and friend on
Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe




About Us

Dusty Hind

    For thirty years, Dusty was Managing Director and majority owner of Aardvark Communications Ltd., a successful and respected advertising agency in Bermuda. He also produced over 20 shows over a 5 year period in the mid-1990s for the Jabulani Repertory Company, which he founded in 1993.
    What few people knew was that Dusty graduated with a degree in sculpture 40 years ago.
     He returned to his roots in 1999, starting the Crisson & Hind Fine Art Gallery. After visiting numerous African countries, he fell in love with the work of the Shona while on trips to Zimbabwe.
     Starting with only 25 pieces, 4 years ago, the Gallery has grown in scope, but keeps
the personal attention of a small gallery.
     Every piece in the Gallery is personally selected.


Mike Hind

Mike Hind and a wild beast
in the Lion and Cheetah Park,
just outside of Harare.

Michael Hind

    After spending 7 years as co-owner and lead designer for Bermuda.com, Mike eventually started his own web design firm. In September, 2001, he closed the firm for good and Mike retired... without a penny to his name.
     He was soon writing and producing his own comic strip, "My Kind of Island", which ran in the local paper. In April, 2002, his dad asked him to join the gallery, and in January, 2003, he travelled to Zimbabwe on a buying trip and promptly fell madly in love with Africa. On this trip, he was clawed by a lion, the voracious beast pictured here, and spent the next three weeks recuperating from the three small welts on his wrist.